Business Planning and Management Strategies

for Small Business Owners through to Large Firms.

Risk Management Programme.

Swindon Consultants

Are you managing your business risk?

Helping companies of all sizes manage their business risk.

Risk levels change as your business evolves. Our risk tool modules measure 19 critical areas of your business. We deliver an action plan to mitigate all of your business risk, we can even help you to protect your business from a Cyber attack. 

Compiance by Risk, Swindon Consultants

Would you like us to design, implement and maintain your business risk management?

Single or Multi-site across the whole UK

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StART a business

Blast your business off on the right trajectory with specialist support.

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Running a small business can be tough. Get the right support for you.

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Medium Business

When you are up against it running a medium sized business, help is at hand. 

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Looking for professional help or assistance getting your products into the UK?

Looking for

extra sales?

But the dilemma is how to do it profitably, without spending more than the profit you generate.

R&D Tax Credits

Are you eligible for R&D Tax Credits? Just answer a few questions to find out.