Coaching business owners and executives, no matter how big or small their business or idea

Executive Coaching

"Support for all levels"

From Junior management to seasoned executive veterans, having an executive coach will give you fresh perspective and support with challenging senior roles.

Exec coaching is ideal for leaders who want to focus on developing leadership or people skills, they may be stretched in their role and under significant stress. They could also be new in a role and facing significant challenges in adapting to new operational or project challenges.

Swindon Consultants are believers of continual improvement, resilience and business grit, we love to pass on our learnings in how to overcome business obstacles improving confidence and growth mindset.


Our Executive Coaches have high level Senior Executive experience, are emotionally intelligent, professional and knowledgeable, so if you are looking for yourself or one of your junior management leaders then we would welcome a discussion.



Do you feel like you need a positive change in either your personal or work life?

Bespoke 12 or 24 week coaching programme to suit you.

Let us help you to achieve your goals. Contact us today.

Small Business

The "Lone Ranger"

Introducing a weekly or monthly cost effective business coaching programme for small business owners.


Providing plenty of ideas and strategies across your business, assistance with accountability, resilience and business grit, I will help you to get your projects over the line. 

We don't just stop there, our programme looks at all the elements of your business mix where we identify money losses, weaknesses, opportunities to grow the business and how to mitigate your business risk.

The coaching encompasses a holistic approach and we work together with a "hands on" approach to achieve your goals, tackling mindsets and building on the positives.

Start-up Businesses 

"The business in a box"

Weekly cost effective mentoring for start-ups; getting things right at the beginning can prevent issues so we offer the “business in a box”.


A cost-effective mentoring and critical “hands on” business support package aimed at reducing costs, time and frustration later.

We look at all the elements of your business, your strengths and weaknesses and help you in all of the areas where you need it most, IT, Marketing, HR, Sales, Processes, buying, negotiation, the list goes on and on.


The package is bespoke to you and tailored to your individual needs. 

Life Coaching

Weekly cost effective life coaching can change your outlook on life. It could be that you want to develop positive habits or want to identify and deal with issues that cause you stress.

Life coaching with Swindon consultants will help you get to the bottom of these sorts of issues and empower you to regain control of your life once more. 

Coaching can encompass so many different areas of life, it could be that you need assistance with taking control of finances, deal with relationships or you just have lost direction in life and a sense of purpose. 

We take a holistic approach with your well-being at the heart of our coaching methods. Our aim to get you back on your feet, acting as a catalyst for positive change and growth mindset. We believe in continual learning and development.

Ideally we start with weekly coaching and then move to monthly as and when this suits you.


Programmes usually last between 3 - 6 months. Please contact us for more details.

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