International Business Assistance

Finding the right business partners for your business.

Are you looking for help or advice in finding the right business agent or distributor to sell your products or services into the UK?


Having the right business partner with high levels of due diligence is essential, someone to look after your interests and make the necessary arrangements with a set of professional and objective eyes and ears, being able to spot potential issues before they arise or highlight opportunities.

International Business Agent, Swindon Consultants

How we can help you

Swindon Consultants are one stop shop for companies looking to set up in the UK. We have expert advisors up and down the country and can locate your business in most parts of the UK.


Swindon consultants are based in Swindon in Wiltshire which has great links to the motorway networks with London just one hour away. Swindon is in an ideal location for any new business and has plenty of serviced offices and warehousing units available.


With great links to motorway networks, logistics works well from this location and is ideally suited. There is also a wealth of local knowledge and expertise to ensure your business flourishes with the very best support.

Exporting, Swindon Consultants

Setting up in the UK

It is possible to set up a UK limited company even if you as the directors are not residents of the UK. In order to enable this, Swindon Consultants can help you set up your company formation and UK registered office. This has to be a serviced office where the mail can be accessed by the directors or forwarded to you overseas.


We will then help you with all the other legal, accounting and banking aspects although we cannot influence these proceedings, we seek to assist you with the introductions and continued dialogue but have no further intervention or control over these due diligence matters.


Once these matters are resolved we can then get on with help and support, which can include buildings, storage, warehousing, transport, logistics, and supply chain services.


As part of our service, we look at your product or service and assist you with strategies for importing, how best to sell your product into the UK, either by employed sales people, sales agents or distributors.


We will help you with your UK marketing, offices, staff and HR if required and believe we offer you the full service to get your business off the ground in the UK. You may need help with finance, costings, pricing, budgeting and forecasting too and these are all areas where we can assist you.


Help with Industry Networking opportunities is freely given, with research, marketing materials and training programs being offered as part of our service.


If you would like to find out more, please get in touch or book a one hour FREE consultation.