The Lone Ranger

It can be hard to adjust to the solitude of self-employment when you have been used to working in a busy office, or any previous employment in which you had the company of others.

There are perks to working at home alone, sitting with a hot mug of tea in the comfort of ones dressing gown and slippers is a definite plus. There is the freedom of only having yourself to answer to but it doesn’t take long for a hint of loneliness to set in.

This new way of working can take a little adjusting to and it is important to recognise any negative effects on well-being and take steps to limit the negative aspects of working as the lone ranger.

So we’re back to the importance of networking talked about in a recent post. Rather than sitting at home wondering if what you’re doing is any good it’s helpful to get out and about meeting people and bouncing ideas around.

If our career choice has meant we are slightly isolated then we must make the conscious choice to take time for social interaction. The effects of loneliness on our health can be wide reaching, it’s linked to depression, heart disease and can just knock our immune systems causing us to be more susceptible to simple things like a common cold.

A solution alongside getting out and about networking is to set yourself up in a co-working space, perhaps just a day or two a week.

Another option is to get a business mentor, here at Swindon Consultants we can offer a listening ear, talk with you about ideas and strategies. We can be there for you in an advisory category either through video calls or meetups.

Remember you are not alone. There are millions of solo workers in the UK all you need are the right tools to make the most of the flexibility and freedom of self-employment.

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