The toughest job in business!

Are you a business owner or an MD with up to 50 employees?

Have you been running a business for some time, but you know that change is needed and feel overwhelmed by it all? Your business risk meter is maxed out and that includes you!

Certain departments aren’t firing on all cylinders and you have a mix of problems. You may not know where to turn or where to begin. You could be being bullied by sales staff or have your back against the wall in your operations, manufacturing or customer service department.

Everywhere you turn you feel that your business is running you. You could be feeling tired or frustrated, or perhaps feel like no one cares and you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Being a business leader is often described as one of the loneliest positions.

If you recognise yourself in these writings, then I can help you.

Helping company owners is what drives me, whether it’s a new business idea or rebuilding and rejuvenating with positive change. I can help and support you through these times.

Do you have the right team for the job in hand? Is your team letting you down? From experience having the right team can make or break company and when you get it right great things happen. Do you have an efficient office environment where data flows effectively or do you experience bottlenecks and miscommunication frequently?

I was very fortunate to have experienced all aspects of running an SME, from management structures, HR, Health and safety, business risk, financial planning, Quality & Environmental Control, Continual improvement through to IT, CRM and communication. My focus was always on the final product or service with the customer at the centre.

I can help you get the best out of your teams, whether it is managerial or otherwise and provide you with clear strategic direction for your company, providing support in many ways. I am well versed at understanding the frustration in the workplace and what needs to be done. Having worked in a family business, I also understand the complexities of a family businesses environment and the pain points associated.

My services are bespoke to you, my main aim is to take the pressure off you and for you to gain some fresh perspective. Initially we should conduct a business review or health-check, the results will indicate whether you are right for the business development programme. The programme takes a holistic approach to your company's health looking at all the elements that make up your business mix.

At the end of the Health-check we will be able to identify money losses, weaknesses within your company, opportunities for growing your business and how to withstand threats to your business. With this knowledge, I will be able to inform you of how to maintain your strengths, improve your weaknesses, take advantage of opportunities, and eliminate money losses.

I can personally implement the changes for you if required. If there are areas that require a deep sector knowledge or a specialist, then I have over 200 colleagues that cover trade and industry so you will never be without expert advice and guidance.

My services extend after the initial consultation or work has completed, you may not have the workload to employ a senior manager but just a few days a month would suffice. I can help in this regard. I can also assist with executive coaching or mentoring too and help with accountability, resilience and business grit helping you to get back to what you are good at.

Other areas where I can be of assistance is with business planning, strategy and have a host of tools and initiatives at our disposal. Access to Grants & Initiatives, Sales Agents, R&D Tax credits, and Business Risk tools (where we look at up to 19 different areas of your company and help you manage your overall business risk).

So, what you get is an experienced and friendly consultant, coach, mentor and trainer all wrapped up into one bundle along with a good support structure and a great sounding board, working together to implement what is necessary.

Whatever you need, message me or contact me on 07739950980, let’s start a conversation about you and your business. I’d love to help you.

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