The wondrous world of the " Wantrapreneur"

Updated: Feb 17, 2019

We all know people who are "working on" a novel, a small business idea, one project or another. The people who spend too much time picturing what something is going to be like and too little time actually making it happen. As your ideas develop and develop and become pretty awesome in your mind it becomes more overwhelming, more daunting to try and bring them about in reality.

Creating a to do list, thinking about this list, feels dangerously productive yet is entirely ineffective. You are luring yourself into a fake feeling of being constructive. Taking five days thinking, mulling over the writing of a proposal that once action is taken only takes a day to write, is completely off kilter. A good rule to make is to not take longer thinking about something than it actually takes to do. It's all about creating a balance of thought and action.

Of course thinking and planning are crucial but being aware and taking action so as not to get stuck for too long in that stage is of paramount importance.

Progress can only manifest through action and if you find you have great ideas but get stuck in the thinking stage then a business mentor who can help you with action plans, hold you accountable, help you stay focussed and offer motivation and support would be a positive way forward.

Don't find yourself over planning and under acting. If you recognise yourself as an over thinker then why not make your first action contacting Swindon Consultants and we can help you redress the balance and get you on the road to success!

Check out our Coaching and mentoring page to find out more details.

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