As companies grow and develop so does their business risk. Risk comes in all shapes and sizes. Attitudes to risk are often exasperated by a lack of time, knowledge and resources.

Swindon Consultants are armed with all the tools necessary to identify your business risk.


With a large selection of affordable managed service risk offerings, we tailor the right support for you so you remain compliant.

ibd Accredited Business Advisor - Andrew Hatcher
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HiGH Risk

Hands on monthly on-site support at the start of the journey or high risk businesses.  

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Medium risk

Quarterly on site support for compliant companies or lower risk businesses

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Low Risk

Half yearly site support and monthly consultations over the internet to suit. 

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on-going support

Annual Audit or site visit with monthly consultations over the internet.


With over 24 years of experience of managing business risk, we have seen it all; the good the bad and the ugly. We are capable of assessing your companies business risk and implementing solutions to keep you accountable and compliant.

We will highlight how through previous experience, compliance has lead to real opportunities for sustainable growth and positive business development.

Advisors are all ibd accredited business advisors too giving you peace of mind and delivering the real practical help, support and advice that all business owners are looking for.


All advisors use the latest state of the art software tools that analyse up to 19 critical areas of any business model.

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Practical advice, support and hands-on help to keep your business risk management in line with your business model.

Our simplistic and professional approach will save you time and help keep you compliant.


​Fast Reporting Tools, Information & Action Plans.

At the end of any risk audit, the answers you give will indicate how much your business is at risk.  We offer affordable packages and a flexible program of continual risk improvement to suit your budget or risk appetite. We can also help and audit any number of sites you have in the UK too. 

Identifying and managing business risk takes years of experience. Business risk is everywhere and that includes your customers and long term outlook too. Very few people have the broad range of knowledge required, the aptitude and the time to view and manage their business risk properly. 


With decades of hindsight and first hand experience of managing business risk, we come armed with a toolbox of ideas, documents, initiatives and action plans that will enables us to manage your compliance or any business risk situation.

Swindon consultants are a solutions focused company and speak in plain English, no nonsense and no waffle.


We always look to provide opportunities for our clients promoting sustainable growth and development. It comes with the territory. Managing business risk is just one of the opportunities you have and working together we can help you discover ways to eliminate your risk and continually improve your business.

Fast trak your company to compliance with our experience and guidance.