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So how much of that original vision have you achieved so far? And be honest, how much is progress hampered by the day-to-day responsibilities of management – staffing, logistics or facilities issues, accounting, audit, banks, VAT, legal matters, computer systems – and the all-important cash flow?


MDs tell us they simply want more time – time to get back to being creative and innovative, time to focus on customers, to develop new products and services and to plan new sales strategies.


Do you feel that your business is running you? Managing directors of large corporations can call upon an executive team of specialist directors for marketing, finance, production and human resources expertise. In a smaller business, you might not have these skills available within your company. Little wonder that being the managing director of a small business is considered one of the loneliest positions in the business world.

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Running a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) in the UK today is likely to be challenging. Like most independent business owners, you probably set up your own company so that you could develop your product or service in complete autonomy, away from the politics of the large-corporate world – and looking forward to the challenge of being your own boss.