The Business Development Programme

Business Development Programme, Swindon Consultants

Swindon Consultants & Partner IBD Members are experienced senior-level business executives whose range of expertise covers every imaginable discipline.  They commit to providing low-cost consultancy and support to all businesses that are accepted onto a Business Development Programme. 


Over 300 Members are working with SMEs worldwide to improve their business performance and profitability. 

If your business qualifies for a programme, you will be assigned a dedicated Scheme Coordinator, who will plan and manage all the business improvement activities that your company needs.

You decide how and when the projects go ahead – and we manage it for you, sourcing the skills and expertise to deliver the most benefit to your company. 

As an added benefit, while you are on a Business Development Programme, we will also review other areas of your business activity to identify additional opportunities for increased sales or cost savings.

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